Monday, September 19, 2016

Bike computers, Strava & overall odometer readings.

So I just picked up a Wahoo Elemnt bike computer. I've been yearning for one of these or a Garmin for some time now. I read that the Elemnt can be used with multiple bikes. REI's website shows a YES under dual bike usage. Turns out, yes, you can use it with multiple bikes but it DOES NOT have a dual/multi profile set up for each bike. In fact, there's a mileage reading but, as far as I can tell, it resets after each workout/ride so there's not really any overall odometer. This is something that I will miss. Staring at my cheap 5 function bike computer on Tanager and seeing the miles tick by. Nearly 21,000 miles recorded on that bike since it's build in 2010.

Ok, granted there is a work around. It won't be the same but ...
Wahoo Elemnt automatically uploads to Strava after a ride. And I can edit which bike I rode, on Strava, afterwards. This will keep track of overall mileage rode. The problem with this is I haven't always recorded EVERY ride on Strava. So Strava only shows 7295.5 miles for that bike when the actual mileage is over 20,000. This means that to find out the overall lifetime mileage for that bike I'll have to forever add 13,642 (Current mileage on old computer 20,938 minus 7295) miles to whatever mileage Strava shows for said bike.