Friday, May 13, 2016

Commute times

I had good times riding to and from work today so, for my records, I'll post them. Setting the bar for my new Austin commutes.

To work - 30 minutes 8 seconds. I know I can crush this because my ride home was nearly 2 minutes faster with more climbing.
To home - 28 minutes 40 seconds.

Sunday, May 08, 2016


Moved to Austin, TX. Large cycling community here. Both recreational and competitive. I've done both. Thursday night social rides are interesting, slow and always involve beer. Karbach brewing puts on a Brew's Cruise every month with free beer at the end. I've also hooked up with a group on the Meetup app who kicks my ass for about 20-24 miles. At this point I do that one about once a week or two weeks depending on my schedule. Been commuting to work as usual. The front wheel on Tanager needs to be replaced. Hopefully those rims and my drive train will last a lot longer now that I'm out of the wet Pacific Northwest.

New Chain

New Chain. Odo 20,400. Old chain lasted about 1000 miles, only. I wonder if it's because the rest of the drive train is starting to wear or just wet weather in Seattle. Last 200 miles were in Austin.