Sunday, December 28, 2014

El Tour de Tucson

Tucson is my home town but I really didn't get into cycling like I am today until I moved to Seattle. That being said since I've been doing century rides I've always wanted to go back and ride El Tour de Tucson. The full ride is a little over 100 miles and does a full loop of the city. It's a mass start which I enjoy.

The first thing to tackle, however, was boxing my bike up for air travel. I picked up a cardboard box from one of the local bike shops that they receive their new bikes in. They usually will give them away. Some shops, offer a service to pack your bike for you. Generally speaking this shouldn't be that big a deal but you know I got to have my fenders and racks with me. That took up some more room. In fact, the handle bars and seat had to ride in a separate piece of luggage. As of this moment I believe most airlines will charge you an additional $25-50 for oversized luggage. And be prepared. Once you've packed everything up just perfect and taped it all up, TSA will come along and look in it, then re-tape it with their own tape. But it survived both ways.

The weather was perfect. The ride has two dry river bed crossings and Mariachi's were playing at both. The second of the two winds you through a beautiful mesquite grove.  

A long time friend of mine came down from Phoenix and we managed to stick together for the entire ride which made it that much more enjoyable. We worked together years ago and neither one of us were cyclists then. This was his first century ride. Congrats!

My parents came out to support me 1/2 way through the route. Christine met me at the finish holding a sign with her brother and sister and a whole group of friends were waiting in the beer garden with THIS wacky little scroll. Thanks all!