Sunday, June 23, 2013

Green River ROTD

Last Sunday the bulk of the STP crew and I rode about 50 miles down to and on most of the Green River trail and back. It's good to see the trail is open again. I've also been playing with the Strava app instead of Endomondo and I think I'm going to switch. I've been feeling stronger on the bike. Faster. I'm able to do a lot more distance and climbing with a lot less pain.

Also I signed up for Courage Classic again and with just two weeks of fundraising I'm only 69 dollars short of my goal of $750. This will be an epic summer of riding!

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Last two weekends.

Last Sunday we four of us did Vashon island and yesterday five of us (STP 2013 team) did the Flying Wheels Summer Century.

In the Flying Wheels the rest of the crew did the 65 mile ride but I'm been wanting to tackle this ride for some years now and just had to do the 100. It was grueling and hilly and people kept talking about the "big" hill 15 miles from the end. I took it easy until that hill. Powered up it, hit the last rest stop and HAULED ASS for the last 10. Nobody passed me on the last 10 and with a bike weighing 38 pounds I felt like a BOSS!

Actual distance from the bike computer - 97.28
Time - 6:50 (This is almost 1 hour faster then each day of STP 2010 with about 2000 extra feet of climbing.)
Average Speed - 14.20mph
Max - 41mph