Sunday, May 19, 2013


Yesterday Traci and I finally got together with 4 other members of the 2013 STP "team" and did some training. We joined the Red Hook Haul Ash ride which is from Red Hook Brewery to Fremont and back, all along the Burke-Gilman trail. In addition I rode from my house up to Fremont, to meet Traci, and then to the start. This brought the ride up to 70 miles. All the other members of the team seem quite friendly and fun.

Today four of us got together and did another 33 miles on the West Seattle/Mercer Island loop. Only slight pain in the tendon/ligament area behind the left knee. Time to start stretching and get the foam roller out. Although I haven't done hardly any training this year I'm confident I'll be able to pull of another STP.