Sunday, January 20, 2013

STP 2013

I signed up for Seattle to Portland 2013.


Wore out my rims. Time for a rebuild. Only about 6000 miles. I guess that Seattle winter was just to gritty.

Tuffy Strips vs. Puncture resistant tires

About 2 weeks ago someone put at least 100 thumb tacks on our bike trail. I know it was about 100 because the next morning I picked up most of them. As I ran over them I heard a bunch of clinking in my aluminum fenders. I didn't pay much attention to this because I haven't had a puncture flat in thousands of miles. I had a pinch flat and a flat from the ends of the Tuffy strips wearing on my tube but I digress. Well about a mile down the road I guess the thumb tacks, still in my tire, worked their way through the Tuffy strip. Now I've seen a cross section of Schwalbe Marathon puncture resistant tires and apparently they are thick enough to stop a thumb tack from reaching the tube so for my next tires I'll probably switch back to them.
As per the I-10 challenge I'm in AZ now. Almost to Willcox.