Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Running Week 4

Treadmill.  2% incline.  Only covered 2 and 3/4's of a mile today.  I walked the first 1/4 then ran for about a mile, proud that I was ahead of Christine, then I dropped my ipod.  Stopped the treadmill and had to start the workout all over.  I was running again for a while and my knees started to bother me.  I think it's due to not getting enough rest.  I've been working early for the last 3 days and staying up late, sleeping only 5 or 6 hours each night.  But I continued on for the full 30 min.  Oh well, they can't all be great runs.
  • 458 calories, 35% from fat
  • Max heart rate 176 or 95%
  • Average heart rate 145 or 78%

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Running Week 3A

Treadmill, 2% incline.  Alternated 1/4 mile laps between running and walking again although this time I ran 2 to 3 laps in a row and then walked.  Christine was, again, doing a 50 minute "easy" run next to me and I kept pretty close to her on the distance up to the 3 miles.  Quarter mile laps went like this -
  1. 4.5 mph
  2. 7.0
  3. 4.5
  4. 7.5
  5. 8.0
  6. 7.5
  7. 4.5
  8. 8.0
  9. 8.0
  10. 4.5
  11. 8.0 with a 9.0 sprint
  12. 8.0 with a 9.0 sprint
  13. 4.0 cool down.
Total of 3 and 1/4 miles in 33 minutes.
Calories 473, 35% from fat
Max heart rate 176 or 95%
Average heart rate 144 or 78%

I'm still amazed sometimes at how long I can keep my heart rate so high and feel just fine.  No knee problems but shins still a little sore from Monday's run.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Running Week 3

I didn't run last week because of Snowpocalypse in Seattle.  Again on the treadmill at a 2% incline.  I actually beat Christine, tonight, to the 3 mile mark but she doing a recovery run in a slower heart rate zone so it doesn't really count does it?  To the best of my memory the laps went like this -
  1. 4.0 mph
  2. 7.5
  3. 4.5
  4. 8.0
  5. 4.5
  6. 8.0
  7. 4.5
  8. 8.0
  9. 8.0
  10. 4.5
  11. 8.5
  12. 4.5/7.0
So you can see I was still alternating most of my laps between running and walking except for laps 8 and 9.  I admit I'm still afraid of having knee issues by running the whole time.  Next run I think I'll try to run more consecutive laps.  Maybe I'll run 2 and walk 1, run 2 walk 1, etc.  I did the whole thing in 31 minutes so it must be a improvement from last time.  From the heart rate monitor -
  • Duration 31:43
  • 445 calories, 35% from fat
  • Max heart rate 182 or 98%
  • Average heart rate 143 or 77%

Friday, January 13, 2012

Running Week 2A

I think I am seeing more progress here and it gives me hope.  It's only been 2 days since the last run.  My knees felt fine.  My shins and legs didn't feel sore.  So I did another 30 minute run tonight with Christine at the gym.  Yes, still on a treadmill.  2% incline.  Tonight I ran/walked a whole 3 miles in 34 minutes.  A 1/4 mile increase from two days ago and 1/2 mile increase from week one.  Small steps, but progress. 
Tonight I started alternating walking at 4 mph and running at 7.7 mph in 1/4 mile "laps" for the first mile.  For the second mile I walked the first lap at 4 mph and then ran two back to back laps at 8 mph.  This really got my heart rate up.  Then I walked another lap.  For the last mile I ran a lap at 7.7 mph, walked a lap at 4 mph, ran most of a lap at 7.7 and then sprinted at 9 mph, then walked most of the last lap at 4 with a 7.7 mph sprint to the finish.  From the heart rate monitor -
  • Duration 34:39
  • 501 calories burned, 35% from fat
  • Max heart rate 182 bpm or 98%
  • Average heart rate 145 bpm or 78%
I keep looking over at the distance Christine ran, for the same amount of time, on her treadmill next to me and I get a little closer each time.  She doesn't walk.  If I can actually retrain my knees to running I might actually look into triathlons.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Running Week 2

It's been exactly one week since my first day back running.  My shins were still sore up until yesterday from last time.  Hopefully my legs won't be as sore for as long this time.  I did another set of intervals today, alternating between walking and running again.
  • 1/4 mile @ 3.7 mph
  • 1/4 mile @ 7.5 mph
  • 1/4 mile @ 3.7 mph
  • 1/4 mile @ 7.5 mph
  • 1/4 mile @ 4.0 mph
  • 1/4 mile @ 7.7 mph
  • 1/4 mile @ 4.0 mph
  • 1/4 mile @ 7.7 mph
  • 1/4 mile @ 4.0 mph
  • 1/4 mile @ 8.0 mph
  • 1/4 mile @ 3.7 mph
 This time I totaled 2-3/4 miles in 30 minutes.  That's 1/2 mile over last time plus I added a slight incline of 2% to the treadmill.  The knees feel pretty good.  Only a slight soreness in the left.  66 days left until the St Pats Dash.  From the heart rate monitor -
  • 432 calories burned, 45% from fat
  • Max heart rate 175 bpm or 95%
  • Average heart rate 132 bpm or 71%

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


A group of friends, my wife (the runner) and I have agreed to all run the St Patricks Day Dash.  It's a 5k.  So it's not that far but the way my knees have been, when it comes to running, for the last 4 years or so it will be a challenge.  I believe I just need to retrain those knees and I'm taking the same approach I did with the STP two years ago.  Slow and steady.  Today was day 1.  I did 30 minutes on the tread mill, next to Christine, at the gym.  I sort of did intervals between running and walking as my knees gave me trouble.
  • 1/2 mile @ 7.0mph 
  • 1/4 mile @ 3.8mph  
  • 1/4 mile @ 7.0mph 
  • 1/4 mile @ 3.7mph 
  • 1/4 mile @ 8.0 mph  (This gave me a little more pain but bearable)
  • 1/4 mile @ 3.7mph 
  • 1/8 mile @ 9.0mph (Couldn't do a full quarter at this speed.  I want to make progress, not damage myself)
  • 1/8 mile @ 3.6mph
  • Last 1/4 mile (lap) split up into 3 increments 3.6mph then 8.5mph and ending again with 3.6mph.
2 and 1/4 miles total at a little over a 5mph pace according to the treadmill.  I'm pretty happy with this for a start.  It's been about 4 hours and my knees feel good right now.  I know my calves will be sore though.  I'll see how everything feels in the morning.  In a few days I'll give it another shot and hopefully be able to make progress.  Cardio wise I felt great.  That first 1/2 mile at 7mph I hardly broke a sweat.  I'll be happy if I can just run the entire thing without stopping for pain.  I have 78 days left to train.