Thursday, December 22, 2011

ROTD - Runway Runaway.

As I flew into Seattle a few weeks ago I noticed some neighborhoods near the runway and thought it might be interesting to watch planes land.  As it turns out you can get right up under the end of the runway, on a little road, with a bike lane and multi-use trail.  But it was pretty freaking cold.  It only got up to the low 40's.  There was frost in some of the long shadows.  I had to stop in a coffee shop just to warm up my toes.  At least it was sunny.  Happy Solstice.  Days only getting longer now.

Distance - 25.06 miles
Time - 2:28:31
Average Speed - 10.44 mph
Max Speed - 35.02
Odo - 4,483 (15,815) miles