Thursday, October 20, 2011


Also another little note to self.  When installing brake cables do not put a ferrule (end cap) on the cable housing that is being inserted into the brake lever assembly.  According to the LBS the cable can work it's way out over time because of this.  I'm assuming they mean work it's way out of the ferrule.  I don't really see how that is possible but OK, next time I do this I'll leave the ferrule out.
The clicking noise came back in my right pedal.  It was nice and tight on the crank so I began to think it might be something inside.  So I went crazy and took it all apart.  Ball bearings, the works.  Shimano PD 324 Pedal Assembly.  Re-assembled and greased.  Now what I didn't know is that there is a lock nut that holds the cone nut in place and it's very difficult to hold the cone nut while tightening the lock nut.  I've seen a special tool that Shimano sells for this but it's more then the pedals themselves!!  The right pedal was fine but the left one kept tightening (cone nut kept tightening) while I rode.  I figure this is due to the rotation of the pedal on the left side being opposite of the right.  As I pedal the cone nut, not being locked down, is tightening against the bearings.  The right side only tightens against the lock nut.  So I rode down to my LBS, thinking they would have the tool, only to find out they claim there is no such tool and that you just need to jam a flat head screwdriver in there to hold the slightly larger cone nut while tightening the smaller lock nut with a socket.  Well, I had already tried that, but I don't have the nice vice to hold the pedal still in the process so I coughed up 20 bucks and had them do it.  I figure it's 20 bucks for a little more knowledge and I'm posting it here so I don't forget.

Sunday, October 16, 2011