Monday, January 31, 2011

Odo 1962 (13,294)

From now on I'm keeping track of my mileage in this format.  The first number being the total miles in the Sam Hillborne and the second being the total number of miles rode since I started keeping track.

Crank Length

According to this guy's formula - - I should be pushing 190mm cranks!  Check out his site.  What he's saying makes perfect sense.  Currently I'm running the bicycle "standard" 170mm.  It's pretty hard to find 190mm cranks, especially in a style crank you might like.  I've had my eye on the Grand Cru 50.4bcd Crankset from VO Imports for some time now, in fact my order just got shipped today.  A modern version of a classic crank.  I made the jump to 175mm, the largest size they come in.  As it is, with the bottom bracket on my Sam as low as it is, I cannot pedal through sharp corners or my pedal will bottom out on the pavement so I don't think a 190mm crank would be very beneficial anyway.  I'm very curious to see if 175mm makes my pedaling more efficient and affects my knees in any good or bad ways or if I even notice a difference.

I'm dropping from a triple to a double.  The large chain ring being a 46.  Currently my big ring is a 52 and my middle ring is a 46 so my top speed will be dropped a bit.  I really only use the 52 on steep downhills.  In the long run I may jump up the big ring to a 48.  The small chain ring is a 30 instead of a 28.  This is a very slight difference when it comes to my lowest gear, slightly harder, but again, eventually I will jump my rear cassette from a 7 speed 12 - 28 to a 8 speed in something like a 13 - 32/34 making it actually easier to hill climb.  Thus, in the long run, I should have a wider range of gears then I do now.  It might also mean the rear derailleur will have to be replaced to pick up the chain slack.  I will probably need a new bottom bracket to fit the new crank.   The current one has 13,000 miles on it anyway.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Seattle Rivendell Ride

Yesterday I got together with about 7 other Rivendell owners for a ride around Seattle.  Great group, great bikes, great weather (except for the cold, 30's).  I logged 41 miles in all.  My knees are sore.  The soreness like after the first day of STP.  I guess I need to ride more, get my legs back in shape. 

We rode past an interesting place along the South side of the ship canal, between the 15th Ave Bridge and the Ballard Locks.  I think it was called Fisherman's Terminal.  I've never seen so many fishing boats in one place.  With the noon sun and the reflections in the still water it looked like a great place for some photography so I'll have to get back there.