Monday, November 29, 2010

50 miles now on the wheels I built.  No problems.  Still true.  :)

Odo - 1450

111 miles now.  Still true.

2300 miles - Thumbs up!

Fenders, Wheels & Lights - Part 2

Played with the fender for about 4 days getting them just right with no rattling.  They're solid and beautiful now.

My Schmidt SON 28 generator hub, Velocity Chukker rims, Busch & Müller Lumotec IQ CYO T Plus front light and the  Busch & Müller Seculite Plus rear light came from Peter White Cycles on the 23rd.

Christine carpooled with a friend to work that day because of crazy snow so I had the car.  I cruised over to Velo which was closed because of the snow and then Elliott Bay Bicycles for spokes.  I picked up some DT Swiss, doubled butted 14/15 gauge spokes and brass nipples for the front wheel and built it up that night.  Elliott Bay didn't have a whole lot in the way of rear hubs in stock so I didn't purchase anything there for the rear wheel.  Everything I seem to read or see on the internet recommends Wheelsmith Spoke Prep but no bicycle shops seem to sell it.  The guy from Elliott Bay says he doesn't apply anything to the spoke threads or maybe just a light thread locker and just a little lube where the nipple passed through the rim.  Everyone else seems to use Linseed oil or Linseed mixed with something on the threads and again some lube on the nipple.  Well, it may be wrong but I dabbed a little Blue Threadlocker on the threads.  I've read mixed opinions about using this but I think it will be OK.  The Threadlocker doesn't completely lock the threads.  It's designed to hold a nut in place but still be turned when necessary which is the whole idea here anyway.  I spent a long time working on the wheel but it went together quite nicely.

The following day was Thanksgiving.  No bike shops open.  We ate ham, not turkey.

Friday I took off for Velo again.  Picked up a used Shimano Alivio FH-MC18-8 speed hub, some DT Swiss again and a spacer for my 7 speed cassette.  Built up the wheel that night.  This time I used linseed oil on the spoke threads & a little lube on the nipples.  My cassette didn't seem to fit with that spacer.  I went back the next day and as it turns out it's the correct spacer.  I just needed to remove three little bolts from the back of the cassette which hold all the cogs together.  Once the cogs are locked down on the hub body these aren't necessary anyway.  While I was there one of their mechanics took a look over my wheel.  Checked the spoke tension and the dish.  The dish was almost perfect.  Probably wouldn't matter but he recommended 1/4 turn on all spokes to the drive side and a full turn all around due to low spoke tension.  Wow I thought the spokes were already getting too tight.  He said do that, bring it back and I'll check over it again.  Great guy.  So I did and I brought back both wheels.  This time the tension on the rear wheel looked good but it could be pulled 1/4 turn to the non drive side.  The front wheel dish looked great but again low spoke tension.  One full turn all around.

So I did that, rigged up the lights and went for a short night ride to Admiral and back.  Saturday I did another night ride around Alki while Christine was getting her nail done.  The lights are awesome.  There's a lower walkway on the West end of Alki with no streetlights.  You know the part, with all the BBQ's and stairs leading down to the beach/water.  Well it's dark.  That headlight lit up nearly the whole width of the walkway and about 60 feet ahead.  People walking were turning around; I'm sure to see what silent car was rolling up on them.

I did detect a slight thumping sound from what I thought was my rear wheel.  Strangely only at slower speeds, coasting with my weight on one pedal or the other, not the middle.  This could be the tire rubbing on part of the fender and I know the tail light bolt was a little long so I cut it off today.  Or it could be something in that used hub so I took it apart, cleaned and repacked it full of grease.  The cups, cones and ball bearings all looked real good.  I did get some hair out when cleaning and I don't think that much hair gets past the dust caps.  I think someone did a sloppy job.  It's been about 12 miles and so far the wheels are true.  We'll see what happens tomorrow when I ride again.

Odo - 1339

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fenders, Wheels & Lights

    I'm sitting around here waiting for FedEx to deliver some hammered aluminum fenders from VO.  45mm.  I may or may not install them today, depending on how dorky they look with my 25mm front and 28mm back tires.  After FedEx gets here I plan to deposit $400 bucks that I got for Chromie into the bank.  Then I'll call Peter White and order parts for a new wheel set I plan to build & lights.  

    This will be my first exploration into wheel building.  Here are the details -
    • Velocity Chukker Rims in black with machined sidewalls.  36 hole.  These are 5mm wider & 2mm taller then the Deep V.  Super strong.
    • Schmitt SON 28 generator hub, polished silver for the front.
    • Black Spokes, silver nipples from the local bike shop.
    • Rear hub?  Something from the local bike shop.  Silver. 
    • Busch & Müller Lumotec IQ CYO R N Plus for the front light.  This is a 3 watt, 6 volt LED light with a standard on off switch & a stand light.  The LED should last thousands of miles and they are currently brighter then the halogen lamps.
    • Busch & Müller Seculite Plus for the rear light.
    • and a truing stand from REI.
    (Oh it's 12:10 and the fenders just arrived.)

    Fenders weigh just 1 pound together with all the included hardware.