Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ninety miles today. Again this is now the longest ride I've ever done and with almost noooooo knee pain. This could be because of many factors.
  1. My seat is about 1/8th of an inch lower then it was for the last year.
  2. I rolled on the foam roller before riding.
  3. I stretched and massaged my leg at about 20 - 25 mile intervals.
  4. I pointed my toes down slightly when pushing hills and big gears. There is a pain that develops in the back left side of the knee in the tendon there. Normally I push hills heel down and I think this adds stretch to that tendon.
  5. I took more weight off the bike. Rack, saddle bags. I even forgot my tool kit.
I ate 3 cliff bars, drank 2 bottles of water and 2 bottles of Gatorade. I did the same route, out and back, like last time but added 5 more miles to the end. Strangely I burned only 100 more calories then last weeks 80 mile ride.

Distance 90.06 miles
Odo - 11237 miles
Max speed - 31 mph
Time riding - 7:21:25
Total time - 8:25:27
Average speed - 12.2 mph
Calories burned - 4862, 55% from fat
Average heart rate 111 - 60% of max

Monday, June 21, 2010


Rode 80 miles today. To date the longest ride I've ever done. The knee did not hurt as bad as my 75 mile ride but I didn't have as many hills and I carried about 8 pounds less weight (camera, lock, leather bags). Also when the knee started up at about 60 miles I lowered the seat 1/4 inch. This seemed to help. I rode up Burke-Gilman, down the Sammamish River trail, over the Marymoor Park connection and 5 miles down the East Lake Sammamish trail then the whole thing in reverse.

Distance - 80.16 miles
Odo - 11075 miles
Max Speed 30 mph
Average Speed - 12.7 mph
Time riding - 6:19:52
Total time with pit stops and latte breaks - 7:20:18
Calories burned - 4778, 55% from fat
Average Heart Rate - 117, 63%
Max Heart Rate - 158, 85%

Sam Hillborne

Talked to Keven from Rivendell again today. The Waterford Hillborne’s should be delivered the end of June which is now. I’m on the top of the list for frames to be mailed out. He says Waterford's torches are blazing as we speak and they are anxious to get the it done because they have another big project after that. OK, once again I'm very hopeful I'll get this frame by July and be riding it by STP.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Rode 55 miles today. Down to the end of Interurban South and back. Discovered a Blue Heron nest and a Osprey nest. I could be wrong but this one appears to be feeding off someone's goldfish.

Thursday, June 03, 2010


Rode 75 miles today with Tim. After several weeks of no training I felt pretty good . . . until the last 5 miles. Then my knee started in and it really didn't like those last 5 miles. This is the farthest ride I've ever done. I really need to step up my training. I'll have to do 25 miles more then this for STP and then another 100 the next day. See the route here -

Distance - 75.20
Max speed - 31 mph
Time - 6:25:43
Average Speed - 11.7
Odo - 10838