Monday, April 19, 2010


Rode another 50 today. Knee feels much better. Rode out Burke-Gilman 25 miles and then back home. Humped it up Avalon pretty quick. Great weather. Warm. Checked out Counterbalance Bicycles along the trail. Nice shop. Cool people.

Dst - 50.37 miles
Odo - 10512
Mx - 30 mph
Tm - 4:09:00
Av - 12.1 mph

2960 calories, 55% from fat.
Max HR - 178 or 96%
Av HR - 120 or 65%

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Rode the Interurban trail south again, this time with Tim. Knee feels good. Tim and I decided we were going to register tonight. I was going to wait until tomorrow, when Christine got paid, but then I saw, on their website that they are 98% full. I called Tim and we both registered immediately. So, now I'm committed. Now if I can just keep up the training and not injure myself.

Stats for today -
Time - 4:09:09
Average speed - 12.7 mph (Up 1 mph from last time on Interurban)
Distance - 52.84 miles
Max - 35 mph
Odo - 10450

And from the Heart Rate Monitor -
Calories burned - 3060, 50% from fat
Max HR - 163 or 88%
Average HR - 125 or 68%

Saturday, April 10, 2010

20 miles today which puts me just 2 miles under the weekly goal of 130 although I did not do two back to back 50's. Rode to work for the last 2 days.

Next week cuts back for a bit. Only 90 miles. A 20 then a 50/20.

Thursday, April 08, 2010


Yesterday, I did the same 50 mile loop as last Wednesday with Tim this time. The weather forecast was partly cloudy with chance of sprinkles. Well that's how it started out but by 3pm it was just plain rain. Rode the last 6 miles into the wind and rain. Hands got cold, numb. Toes got cold, numb. Today is supposed to be 70% chance of showers and more wind. I'm thinking about riding the Interurban again but I might just pass. I don't know, the weather is tricky. Right now it's sunny and mostly clear. I'm supposed to ride another 50 today.

The knee is tricky too. Sometimes it feel perfectly fine and sometimes like crap. Interurban is pretty flat. Still thinking about it.

Time 4:25:35
Average 11.4 mph
Distance 50.87
Max 31 mph
Odo 10315

Monday, April 05, 2010

Sam's & Waterford

Did the Mercer loop today with Rene and Tim. Pushed the knee a little bit more then I probably should have but we'll see. So far it's been holding up pretty well.

Total miles - 34.20
Max mph - 29
Time - 3:10:20
Average - 10.7 mph
Odo - 10264

Shot Rivendell an email a few days ago about the Sam Hillborne's and when they were coming in. They said, about a month. Grrr. But I found out that some of the Sam's were being made in the US and you could get a US Sam for an extra $250. So I called them up and asked if I could change my order to specify this. They made it so and confirmed my suspicions as to where they were being made, Waterford. :) They said that the order will take about as long as the Sam's from Taiwan, even though they aren't being shipped as far, because they have to place the order to Waterford and then they build it. Whatever, fine with me. I want an American made frame!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

ROTD - West Seattle, Interurban

Today's ride took me down part of the Green River and Interurban trails through South Park, Tukwila, Kent and Auburn. I thought Interurban would be a real boring, straight ride but I was pleasantly surprised with the bird life and wet lands.

Another beautiful mix of weather today. More fluffy shower storm clouds with sun breaks although today there were actually showers to go along with them. I didn't bring my rain jacket (the weather said partly sunny, nothing about showers) and took shelter under bridges about 3 times until the rain passed. This usually took only like 5 minutes.

Rode into a South wind all the way out and was looking forward to riding back but by that time the spotty showers were making the wind blow multiple directions. Grr. Mostly it was with me.

Both knees are a little sore but it's more like a post work out soreness, not really pain. I may sign up for STP tonight or tomorrow. This is more miles then I've ever rode in 2 consecutive days

Distance - 50.67 miles
Max Speed - 29 mph
Time - 4:19:02
Average speed - 11.7 mph
Odo - 10229