Sunday, December 12, 2010

Raining.  A lot.  Hard.  Booties, gloves, compromised.  Flood warning in effect.  Flood watch in effect.  Mudslides?  We'll see if the Longfellow creek floods the All Star Fitness parking lot again.

Update - Only mild flooding in the parking lot was seen.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


The ride of the day was a bit of an exploration into the link between Southpark and Georgetown, then up to Beacon Hill, through the I-90 tunnel, just to the other side, back and along Alki.

Distance 27.39 miles
Time 2:54:31
Av spd 9.41mph
Max spd 35mph
Odo 1561 miles

Wheels still true.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Sigma Bike Computer

The old Cat Eye bike computer died again.  This time I think it was the wire.  The first time I replaced it I used the same wire so that wire lasted 12,750 miles.  The computer itself lasted over 10,500.  I never needed to replace the battery.  I was thinking about going wireless to clean up the bike a little but I read a lot of stuff about the wireless models being affected by high voltage power lines and picking up info from other peoples computers when riding in groups so I went with a wired model again.

This time, however, I wanted to get away fro Cat Eye.  I went with a Sigma 1009.  It was only 32 bucks.  Tells me all the same info as the Cat Eye I had with the exception of only one tripometer.  Instead of a second tripometer it had a total overall time display.  Sort of like a odometer for time.  I was able to transfer the odometer mileage over to it.  Also I can get a cable to hook it up to my PC and transfer information.  Sweet.

Monday, November 29, 2010

50 miles now on the wheels I built.  No problems.  Still true.  :)

Odo - 1450

111 miles now.  Still true.

2300 miles - Thumbs up!

Fenders, Wheels & Lights - Part 2

Played with the fender for about 4 days getting them just right with no rattling.  They're solid and beautiful now.

My Schmidt SON 28 generator hub, Velocity Chukker rims, Busch & Müller Lumotec IQ CYO T Plus front light and the  Busch & Müller Seculite Plus rear light came from Peter White Cycles on the 23rd.

Christine carpooled with a friend to work that day because of crazy snow so I had the car.  I cruised over to Velo which was closed because of the snow and then Elliott Bay Bicycles for spokes.  I picked up some DT Swiss, doubled butted 14/15 gauge spokes and brass nipples for the front wheel and built it up that night.  Elliott Bay didn't have a whole lot in the way of rear hubs in stock so I didn't purchase anything there for the rear wheel.  Everything I seem to read or see on the internet recommends Wheelsmith Spoke Prep but no bicycle shops seem to sell it.  The guy from Elliott Bay says he doesn't apply anything to the spoke threads or maybe just a light thread locker and just a little lube where the nipple passed through the rim.  Everyone else seems to use Linseed oil or Linseed mixed with something on the threads and again some lube on the nipple.  Well, it may be wrong but I dabbed a little Blue Threadlocker on the threads.  I've read mixed opinions about using this but I think it will be OK.  The Threadlocker doesn't completely lock the threads.  It's designed to hold a nut in place but still be turned when necessary which is the whole idea here anyway.  I spent a long time working on the wheel but it went together quite nicely.

The following day was Thanksgiving.  No bike shops open.  We ate ham, not turkey.

Friday I took off for Velo again.  Picked up a used Shimano Alivio FH-MC18-8 speed hub, some DT Swiss again and a spacer for my 7 speed cassette.  Built up the wheel that night.  This time I used linseed oil on the spoke threads & a little lube on the nipples.  My cassette didn't seem to fit with that spacer.  I went back the next day and as it turns out it's the correct spacer.  I just needed to remove three little bolts from the back of the cassette which hold all the cogs together.  Once the cogs are locked down on the hub body these aren't necessary anyway.  While I was there one of their mechanics took a look over my wheel.  Checked the spoke tension and the dish.  The dish was almost perfect.  Probably wouldn't matter but he recommended 1/4 turn on all spokes to the drive side and a full turn all around due to low spoke tension.  Wow I thought the spokes were already getting too tight.  He said do that, bring it back and I'll check over it again.  Great guy.  So I did and I brought back both wheels.  This time the tension on the rear wheel looked good but it could be pulled 1/4 turn to the non drive side.  The front wheel dish looked great but again low spoke tension.  One full turn all around.

So I did that, rigged up the lights and went for a short night ride to Admiral and back.  Saturday I did another night ride around Alki while Christine was getting her nail done.  The lights are awesome.  There's a lower walkway on the West end of Alki with no streetlights.  You know the part, with all the BBQ's and stairs leading down to the beach/water.  Well it's dark.  That headlight lit up nearly the whole width of the walkway and about 60 feet ahead.  People walking were turning around; I'm sure to see what silent car was rolling up on them.

I did detect a slight thumping sound from what I thought was my rear wheel.  Strangely only at slower speeds, coasting with my weight on one pedal or the other, not the middle.  This could be the tire rubbing on part of the fender and I know the tail light bolt was a little long so I cut it off today.  Or it could be something in that used hub so I took it apart, cleaned and repacked it full of grease.  The cups, cones and ball bearings all looked real good.  I did get some hair out when cleaning and I don't think that much hair gets past the dust caps.  I think someone did a sloppy job.  It's been about 12 miles and so far the wheels are true.  We'll see what happens tomorrow when I ride again.

Odo - 1339

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fenders, Wheels & Lights

    I'm sitting around here waiting for FedEx to deliver some hammered aluminum fenders from VO.  45mm.  I may or may not install them today, depending on how dorky they look with my 25mm front and 28mm back tires.  After FedEx gets here I plan to deposit $400 bucks that I got for Chromie into the bank.  Then I'll call Peter White and order parts for a new wheel set I plan to build & lights.  

    This will be my first exploration into wheel building.  Here are the details -
    • Velocity Chukker Rims in black with machined sidewalls.  36 hole.  These are 5mm wider & 2mm taller then the Deep V.  Super strong.
    • Schmitt SON 28 generator hub, polished silver for the front.
    • Black Spokes, silver nipples from the local bike shop.
    • Rear hub?  Something from the local bike shop.  Silver. 
    • Busch & Müller Lumotec IQ CYO R N Plus for the front light.  This is a 3 watt, 6 volt LED light with a standard on off switch & a stand light.  The LED should last thousands of miles and they are currently brighter then the halogen lamps.
    • Busch & Müller Seculite Plus for the rear light.
    • and a truing stand from REI.
    (Oh it's 12:10 and the fenders just arrived.)

    Fenders weigh just 1 pound together with all the included hardware.

    Wednesday, September 01, 2010

    Odo - 830 miles
    Seven hundred miles in the first month riding the new frame.
    That's over 12,000 logged miles by bicycle.

    Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    New record riding home -
    • 5.89 miles
    • Max speed of 25.5 mph
    • Time - 23:08
    • Average speed 15.1 mph
    • Odometer - 758.4 mile
    19 seconds faster then the last record.  Slight tailwind.  Drafted semi-truck some on Marginal. Heavier frame, saddlebags, front and back racks.

    Sunday, August 15, 2010

    Last Weeks Hill Rides

    Tuesday the 10th I rode down to Gig Harbor for a friends party. It's the same route Tim and I did about a year ago. West Seattle, Vashon, Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Southworth. In fact, it was almost exactly one year ago.

    This time I flew solo. I picked up some Vashon Island Coffee, along the way for myself and some wine for the party. Now I'm not really a wine drinker and I may not know what I'm talking about but this stuff was good. A red table wine. I may have to find another bottle somewhere or head back over there.

    Anyway the ride was just as grueling as I remember it especially "that hill" (290 feet in .62 mile, ~8.9% grade). Accurate mileage reading for the ride this time - 48 miles with 3400 feet of elevation gain.

    Three days later, Friday the 13th, Tim and I rode out to Snoqualmie Falls and back. This ride took us up a new hill that, notably, must be my all time hardest (383 feet in .85 mile, ~8.5% grade). On the way back I fell into some sort of zone and was just powering along, up hills and down. This ride turned out to be about 78 miles with about 3500 feet of elevation gain.

    That's about 126 miles of hilly riding in one week. The beauty of all this is it's 3 days later and I have no knee pain. Is it the bike? Is it all the riding I've been doing? I don't know but I like it.

    Tuesday, July 20, 2010

    Seattle to Portland

    Day 1
    • 105 miles
    • ~7:45 riding time
    • Two records broken - rode further then ever at one time which was 90 miles, rode over 100 miles at one time which just a year ago I thought I would never do.
    Day one started off cold. I didn't dress for the cold. I had that paper thin jacket that they gave to me, a jersey and some bike (aka lycra) shorts. Tim dropped myself and the luggage off at U-dub, then drove home and rode his bike back. In the mean time I loaded our bags on the truck bound for Chehalis. Riders were lining up at the start line and released when there were about 100 or so.

    Tim showed up, we lined up and rode off. We rode maybe a mile and saw someone with a flat. This continued for the rest of the ride about every 5 miles or so. No kidding, flats galore! I just know these people are buying thin, lightweight racing tires with no puncture resistance what so ever. Why do they do this? To save a few ounces. Why save the ounces on the bike when you could stand to loose 20 pounds of fat? And how much time did you save on the side of the road fixing all those flats? I haven't had a flat in like 5000 miles!

    There was no coffee at the start line and about 4 miles into the ride we stopped at a Starbucks for some. Apparently several other riders were expecting to see coffee at the start line too because they were also stopped. At about 20 miles we'd left Seattle and the temperature started warming up. This is also close to where we saw our first accident scene; ambulance already there.

    Mile post 24 was the REI food stop. This was probably the best food stop. Maybe it was the music, maybe it was just the fact that it was the first food stop but it sort of sticks out in my mind.

    Forty three miles in, just past Puyallup, is "the hill" that everyone was talking about. Sure it is a long hill. Sure it's 7% grade but it didn't really seem as bad as they all made it up to be.

    Somewhere between Spanaway and McKenna was the only accident I actually witnessed. Everyone was signaling for train tracks and then this guy about 100 feet ahead just went down. I'm not even sure he even tried to stop his fall. It looked like he just stayed in his cycling position all the way to the ground. I yelled crash, we all slowed down and stopped. The dude was out cold. Someone pulled his bike out from between his legs which didn't really seem like the thing to do at the moment to me; aren't you not supposed to move injured people. Someone was calling 911 and a car appeared from somewhere with some STP staff I think. There was bright red blood on the ground and more coming from the guys head. He started to moan, got on his hands and knees and then off his hands. He must have caught his eye brow or something because I really didn't see any damage to his helmet. Anyway, there was nothing more we could do that wasn't already being done so we moved on.

    For a while then we did a nice long straight clip, into the warm afternoon drafting behind 3 or 4 other guys. At Yelm we jumped on the Yelm-Tenino bike trail. A couple tandems cruised past us and we jumped into their draft and what a sweet draft it was. We were doing 25 to 28 mph. Then the tandems sort of took a break and dropped down to 16 - 17 mph. After a few minutes we passed them but soon they were back at it calling out,"Here we go again guys." We passed a lot of people. I called it the Tandem Express. We lost them at the Tenino mini stop.

    It was a pretty leisurely 12 miles from there to Centralia which is just what I expected Centralia to be. Crowds, music, parties but most importantly crowded camping. Just 8 more miles down the road was our quiet little camp in Chehalis. Recreation Park is where our baggage truck stopped and where we stayed for the night. There was plenty of room on the baseball field for our tent. In a building that must be rented out for events was a nice pasta, salad dinner and dessert. All you could eat for 7 bucks. There is a pool at the park with showers for 3 dollars. All the hot water was gone but it was refreshing. Afterwards we walked to the local Safeway and bought a couple pint size beers. We said only one and it's a good thing the grocery wasn't right next door because then we would likely have gone back. It was expected but a little surprising to see people turning in around sundown (9pm) and so we did the same. I don't remember this but Tim says that at about 2am someone drove past the park honking and yelling, "Welcome STP riders!" In the morning they had a nice breakfast; eggs, pancakes, sausage, coffee; this time all for only 6 bucks. Then we packed up our little camp, placed our bags on the truck and hit the road.

    Day 2
    • 97 miles
    • ~7:50 riding time
    Total for ride
    • 202.18 miles
    • Max speed - 34.5mph
    • Time - 15:22
    • Average speed - 13.1mph
    • Odometer - 243.8
    Today did not start out so pretty. In fact it was down right rough. Somewhere during the first 10 miles the fleeting thought passed through my mind, "I'm not going to make it." I quickly dismissed it. I'll make it. First I had some pain in my ankles. What, my ankles? This gradually dismissed during the morning. The real problem, however, was in my knees, or rather, behind my knees. Not my normal knee pain. I think this is more of a muscle pain then connective tissue but I'm no doctor. There are a few factors I attribute this pain to: a slightly different riding position on the new bike (which I believe is actually a good thing as my regular knee pain is virtually gone), doing all my training at a very leisurely pace and not doing the first day at a leisurely pace at all, and never before riding more then 90 miles, at one time, which I did on day one. I literally could not stand up and pedal this day. I was pretty good in the saddle but there was too much pain standing up. To make matters worse the day started with rolling hills for several miles. I like to climb shorter hills out of the saddle. This forced me to down shift and slow down. Tim rode ahead. I had no problem with this. Slow and easy. You'll make it. Hell, I was still passing people and the country side is beautiful. It was also cold all morning. I saw one sign reading 58F. I didn't really bring any cold weather gear. I expected the sun to be out and it was overcast until about noon. My fingers went numb. My toes started to go numb. Each downhill was a joy and a test, relaxing yet cold.

    Tim waited for me at the first food stop. He had already ate. The food lines were HUGE but at least they had food. Every stop today I'd get off the bike and limp over to the food. I could never stop for to long or I knew I wouldn't want to get back on the bike. We rode together, again for a while and then he drifted ahead. Finally we reached the Lewis and Clark Bridge; Oregon on the other side. There is hope. I will make it to Portland. They were escorting us across the bridge in large groups, I'm assuming because of the traffic. Now I heard people talking all day about this bridge. The gaps in the expansion joints, how dangerous it was to ride across, blah, blah, blah. I don't know where these people ride, or what type of weather they ride in but this bridge was nothing. Easy.

    Mile 173. Last free food stop at the town of St. Helens. After this there was a nice long flat ride for miles and while I couldn't stand up and pedal I could still move pretty good in the saddle. I was passing a lot of people and then the sun came out. I let go of the bars, reached my arms out and embraced its warming rays. I felt empowered like Superman.

    Coming into Portland was a bit annoying however. We zig zagged through neighborhoods and hit stoplight after stoplight. It was like, "Hey you're here . . . but you're not here." Even after rolling across the Steel Bridge it seemed to take forever although it was less then a mile. The last mile. The finish line was nice, however. There were lots of people ringing bells and cheering you in. Tim made it in only about an hour before me. This actually worked out in my favor because he rode to the hotel and was just heading back with his Dad and a Van to pick me and our bags up.

    At the hotel I got checked in, showered, had a nice dinner with Tim's parents in the city, and the next ten hours were all mine. We got some nice hot rates at The Nines and I was never so happy to have a hotel room all to myself. No alarms in the morning, no cats meowing, no one else waking up early and disturbing me, no outside noise from open windows. "Tim what time is check out? Noon? I'll see ya then. Goodnight." Room temperature, perfect. Pillows in proper arrangement. Big thick comforter over my head. Phone, silent mode. I think I slept for about nine hours, woke up, rolled over and slept some more. I woke up around nine or ten, checked my phone. There were little icons all across the top. Email, missed phone call, text message, voice message. Nice while it lasted.

    Some other statistics for the ride

    • Uphill distance 30.87 miles
    • Uphill altitude 1,951 feet
    • Maximum altitude 463 feet
    • One 3rd and final personal record - 238 miles in one week.

    I continued to ride to work over the next week and my legs finally came back to me. The bike handled like a dream. It's what really got me through this. I got many comments and a lot of compliments on it. It's really a great looking bike and will only look better. Almost all the other bikes out there looked the same to me. Blah blah. This one's a classic.

    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    Birth of a Bicycle

    Monday my frame finally came in from Rivendell. I spent all day building up the bike, cannibalizing parts from Musette. When it was all said and done I got to thinking just what parts were still original from Musette. Five. The bars, the right crank, the bottom bracket (showing wear), and the derailleurs. That's it.

    At about 11 o'clock, Monday night I took it out for a short 2 mile test ride. One thing I noticed right away is this frame really soaks up the road bumps. I think it's either because of the wider wheelbase or that sweet taper in the front fork. Possibly just frame geometry.

    Other advantages of this new frame: it has mounts for racks, fenders and water bottle cages; clearance for wider tires and fenders; mounts cantilever brakes which muck up less in the mud, and again, can handle wider tires and fenders; no toe overlap which almost caused me to crash on numerous occasions; it's my correct size; it's a lugged chromoly steel frame which will last years and years, is super strong, and can be repaired; it's geometry gives me a more relaxed riding position.

    I've been doing some short rides, working out the glitches and I did some light paint work around the lugs. I think I'm ready for Seattle to Portland. The bike is ready anyway. Tim and I picked up our packets just today.

    Musette is officially decommissioned. There's not much left of her. A frame, fork and some cantilever brakes. It's the end of an era. 11332 miles rode on that bike.

    I've restarted my odometer at zero and so far I've 38.5 miles on the Hillborne.

    Thursday, July 08, 2010

    Sam Hillborne Shipped

    Called Rivendell today to see if the Hillborne's were in. They are. I paid mine off and they shipped it out today. It should be here by Monday the 12th. STP is on the 17th. I should be able to get it ready by then. I'm going to start work stripping and preping parts from Musette in the next few days here so all I'll have to do when it arrives is bolt on parts and re-dish the rear wheel. I'm not sure but I think I'll need a new chain, unless I have some extra links lying around. The chain stays are quite a bit longer on the Hillborne.

    Wednesday, June 30, 2010


    Ninety miles today. Again this is now the longest ride I've ever done and with almost noooooo knee pain. This could be because of many factors.
    1. My seat is about 1/8th of an inch lower then it was for the last year.
    2. I rolled on the foam roller before riding.
    3. I stretched and massaged my leg at about 20 - 25 mile intervals.
    4. I pointed my toes down slightly when pushing hills and big gears. There is a pain that develops in the back left side of the knee in the tendon there. Normally I push hills heel down and I think this adds stretch to that tendon.
    5. I took more weight off the bike. Rack, saddle bags. I even forgot my tool kit.
    I ate 3 cliff bars, drank 2 bottles of water and 2 bottles of Gatorade. I did the same route, out and back, like last time but added 5 more miles to the end. Strangely I burned only 100 more calories then last weeks 80 mile ride.

    Distance 90.06 miles
    Odo - 11237 miles
    Max speed - 31 mph
    Time riding - 7:21:25
    Total time - 8:25:27
    Average speed - 12.2 mph
    Calories burned - 4862, 55% from fat
    Average heart rate 111 - 60% of max

    Monday, June 21, 2010


    Rode 80 miles today. To date the longest ride I've ever done. The knee did not hurt as bad as my 75 mile ride but I didn't have as many hills and I carried about 8 pounds less weight (camera, lock, leather bags). Also when the knee started up at about 60 miles I lowered the seat 1/4 inch. This seemed to help. I rode up Burke-Gilman, down the Sammamish River trail, over the Marymoor Park connection and 5 miles down the East Lake Sammamish trail then the whole thing in reverse.

    Distance - 80.16 miles
    Odo - 11075 miles
    Max Speed 30 mph
    Average Speed - 12.7 mph
    Time riding - 6:19:52
    Total time with pit stops and latte breaks - 7:20:18
    Calories burned - 4778, 55% from fat
    Average Heart Rate - 117, 63%
    Max Heart Rate - 158, 85%

    Sam Hillborne

    Talked to Keven from Rivendell again today. The Waterford Hillborne’s should be delivered the end of June which is now. I’m on the top of the list for frames to be mailed out. He says Waterford's torches are blazing as we speak and they are anxious to get the it done because they have another big project after that. OK, once again I'm very hopeful I'll get this frame by July and be riding it by STP.

    Monday, June 14, 2010


    Rode 55 miles today. Down to the end of Interurban South and back. Discovered a Blue Heron nest and a Osprey nest. I could be wrong but this one appears to be feeding off someone's goldfish.

    Thursday, June 03, 2010


    Rode 75 miles today with Tim. After several weeks of no training I felt pretty good . . . until the last 5 miles. Then my knee started in and it really didn't like those last 5 miles. This is the farthest ride I've ever done. I really need to step up my training. I'll have to do 25 miles more then this for STP and then another 100 the next day. See the route here -

    Distance - 75.20
    Max speed - 31 mph
    Time - 6:25:43
    Average Speed - 11.7
    Odo - 10838

    Monday, April 19, 2010


    Rode another 50 today. Knee feels much better. Rode out Burke-Gilman 25 miles and then back home. Humped it up Avalon pretty quick. Great weather. Warm. Checked out Counterbalance Bicycles along the trail. Nice shop. Cool people.

    Dst - 50.37 miles
    Odo - 10512
    Mx - 30 mph
    Tm - 4:09:00
    Av - 12.1 mph

    2960 calories, 55% from fat.
    Max HR - 178 or 96%
    Av HR - 120 or 65%

    Thursday, April 15, 2010


    Rode the Interurban trail south again, this time with Tim. Knee feels good. Tim and I decided we were going to register tonight. I was going to wait until tomorrow, when Christine got paid, but then I saw, on their website that they are 98% full. I called Tim and we both registered immediately. So, now I'm committed. Now if I can just keep up the training and not injure myself.

    Stats for today -
    Time - 4:09:09
    Average speed - 12.7 mph (Up 1 mph from last time on Interurban)
    Distance - 52.84 miles
    Max - 35 mph
    Odo - 10450

    And from the Heart Rate Monitor -
    Calories burned - 3060, 50% from fat
    Max HR - 163 or 88%
    Average HR - 125 or 68%

    Saturday, April 10, 2010

    20 miles today which puts me just 2 miles under the weekly goal of 130 although I did not do two back to back 50's. Rode to work for the last 2 days.

    Next week cuts back for a bit. Only 90 miles. A 20 then a 50/20.

    Thursday, April 08, 2010


    Yesterday, I did the same 50 mile loop as last Wednesday with Tim this time. The weather forecast was partly cloudy with chance of sprinkles. Well that's how it started out but by 3pm it was just plain rain. Rode the last 6 miles into the wind and rain. Hands got cold, numb. Toes got cold, numb. Today is supposed to be 70% chance of showers and more wind. I'm thinking about riding the Interurban again but I might just pass. I don't know, the weather is tricky. Right now it's sunny and mostly clear. I'm supposed to ride another 50 today.

    The knee is tricky too. Sometimes it feel perfectly fine and sometimes like crap. Interurban is pretty flat. Still thinking about it.

    Time 4:25:35
    Average 11.4 mph
    Distance 50.87
    Max 31 mph
    Odo 10315

    Monday, April 05, 2010

    Sam's & Waterford

    Did the Mercer loop today with Rene and Tim. Pushed the knee a little bit more then I probably should have but we'll see. So far it's been holding up pretty well.

    Total miles - 34.20
    Max mph - 29
    Time - 3:10:20
    Average - 10.7 mph
    Odo - 10264

    Shot Rivendell an email a few days ago about the Sam Hillborne's and when they were coming in. They said, about a month. Grrr. But I found out that some of the Sam's were being made in the US and you could get a US Sam for an extra $250. So I called them up and asked if I could change my order to specify this. They made it so and confirmed my suspicions as to where they were being made, Waterford. :) They said that the order will take about as long as the Sam's from Taiwan, even though they aren't being shipped as far, because they have to place the order to Waterford and then they build it. Whatever, fine with me. I want an American made frame!

    Thursday, April 01, 2010

    ROTD - West Seattle, Interurban

    Today's ride took me down part of the Green River and Interurban trails through South Park, Tukwila, Kent and Auburn. I thought Interurban would be a real boring, straight ride but I was pleasantly surprised with the bird life and wet lands.

    Another beautiful mix of weather today. More fluffy shower storm clouds with sun breaks although today there were actually showers to go along with them. I didn't bring my rain jacket (the weather said partly sunny, nothing about showers) and took shelter under bridges about 3 times until the rain passed. This usually took only like 5 minutes.

    Rode into a South wind all the way out and was looking forward to riding back but by that time the spotty showers were making the wind blow multiple directions. Grr. Mostly it was with me.

    Both knees are a little sore but it's more like a post work out soreness, not really pain. I may sign up for STP tonight or tomorrow. This is more miles then I've ever rode in 2 consecutive days

    Distance - 50.67 miles
    Max Speed - 29 mph
    Time - 4:19:02
    Average speed - 11.7 mph
    Odo - 10229

    Wednesday, March 31, 2010

    ROTD - 50 Mile Loop

    Just did a almost perfect 50 mile loop. West Seattle, Downtown, Fremont, Burke-Gilman, Kirkland, Bellevue, I-90, International District, West Seattle.

    2775 feet of elevation gain.
    50.79 miles
    30.5 mph max
    4:28:02 time riding
    11.4 mph average
    10178 miles on the odometer

    Stopped to help some big, fat guy put his rear wheel back on. He managed to change the flat but had trouble figuring out how the chain went through the derailleurs. Beautiful day to ride. Little wind, mostly cloudy with fat, low hanging, Arizona "monsoon" clouds. Warm sun breaks. Ate a little something about every 10-15 miles. Didn't bonk. Wasn't starving this time. Thinking, planning another 50 tomorrow before work. Knee - OK. We'll see tomorrow.

    Tuesday, March 30, 2010


    I just sent a email to my friend. This is what it said -

    "This week I need to two 50 mile rides back to back. I just google mapped a nearly perfect 50 mile loop from my house up to Burke-Gilman, Kirkland, Bellevue, and back along I-90. I'm calling it the 50/50, you know like the 50/50 ice cream bars. Not to be confused with Mad Dog 20/20. I'm either going to do it Wednesday/Thursday or Thursday/Friday. I'm not liking the 100% chance of showers on Friday so I'll probably go tomorrow. As always you are welcome to join. If I make it through these two rides without no knee problems then I'm signing up for STP."

    More Fixie Gear Stuff

    I changed the rear cog on Chromie from the stock 16 it came with to an 18. This allowed me to replace the front chain ring from that crappy BMX 44 back to the elegant 48 it came with and allow the same (actually even easier) gear ratio.

    Monday, March 29, 2010

    New Chain

    Checked my chain for wear. Used the Park tool and ruler method. Time for replacement. So this chain lasted about 2500 miles. About 2 months short of a year.

    Sunday, March 28, 2010

    Did the Mercer Island loop again today. I was going to ride straight home but didn't have enough time and had to ride straight to work. I have to remember these rides take a long time and they're getting longer. Thirty four miles total. 100 for the week. Goal reached. Knee feeling even better. Pushing it a little more. Lots of cyclists on Mercer and the I-90 bridge for this sunny Saturday. Saw one raccoon. Got hungry as hell!!

    Friday, March 26, 2010

    Rode 40 miles today. 30 miles before work and 10 miles home. The knee was feeling sore at the start but seemed to work itself out. Gonna do another 36 tomorrow to complete 100 for the week.

    Rode past a bike shop in Fremont, Free Range Cycles. They had a bunch of Surly's out front so I pulled over to check them out. When I walked around the other side of the shop there it was! There was my bike!! The Rivendell Sam Hillborne, in orange, with just about all the same parts that I've purchased. So I went inside and lo & behold there were like 3 more. So I asked them if they sold just the frames. They said yes but, just like me, they were waiting on Rivendell to get the next shipment in April. But it was nice to actually see the bike in person. It looks even better then in photos.

    Saturday, March 20, 2010

    Rode 24.78 miles today and completed my goal of 80 miles for the week. Did the downtown, Discovery Park, Magnolia Bluffs, return run again. Knee still good without pushing it.

    Rolled the odometer over 10,000 miles.

    Been stretching and using a foam roller on my IT bands for about a month now.

    Friday, March 19, 2010

    Rode 34 miles today. Knee good, mostly. Still taking it easy, for the most part.

    The 700 x 40c tires, although they are technically the correct size for my rims, will not work. Maybe the rims are to narrow for that wide of a tire, I don't know. They look good going on. At low pressure the bead is set nicely. Even at max pressure (85psi) everything looks good but within 2 minutes the tire will slip of the rim and blow out the tube with the sound of a small caliper firearm.

    Tomorrow I need to ride 22 miles to complete training for the week. This ride will roll my odometer over 10,000 miles.

    Late November 2010.  These tires seem to work just fine with my new rims, Velocity Chukkers.  The rims are 24mm wide.  I suspected this was the problem with the other rims.  They are just too narrow for those wide tires to seat the bead right.  Unfortunately these tires are too wide for my hammered alumium fenders.
    700 x 40c tires, retro 40's style water bottle cages, red jockey wheels all came today. That was fast!
    Riding with Tim tomorrow. Going to be a beautiful day.

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    Rode to work twice so far this week. Knee is feeling much better. Not going to push it though. I'm taking off tomorrow (on the bus) and going to do two back to back 30's.

    Also ordered the water bottle cages tires and red jockey wheels for the Sam Hillborne.

    Saturday, March 13, 2010

    Rode to work the Bike Expo & then home for a total of 21 miles today. Took it easy. Knee still a little zingy.

    93 miles for the week.

    Odo - 9925.9

    Friday, March 12, 2010

    Rode to work this morning (cold and pouring rain) and then did a little ride up Burke-Gilman with some errands downtown (just cold) for a total of 32.91 miles. The knee isn't feeling great but it's not feeling worse. At the moment it feels better then it did 4 days ago so maybe that's a good sign. I only need one more 28 mile ride to meet this weeks training guideline. I may just ride to work, the bike expo and home tomorrow and leave it at that but if I feel really good I'll do the whole 28.

    Next steps back a bit and only calls for 80 miles of riding and I think I won't do a mile more.

    Odo - 9904.7

    Wednesday, March 10, 2010

    Took today, yesterday off of the bike. Giving the knees a break. Taking tomorrow too. Rode the bus. Yuck! The bus is up to $2 plus dollars now. I read something that said you should only raise your training level like 10% a week. I raised mine 100% so I guess this break is in order. Still planning to do the recommended miles for the week with 2 longer rides Friday and Saturday.

    Monday, March 08, 2010

    B-17 Standard - ROTD

    Ride of the day is sort of the same as Saturday. Up the waterfront, Magnolia, Discovery Park, Magnolia Bluffs but then into Fremont for coffee. Some sun and some snow flurries (very light) on the hills. Cold.

    Picked up a B-17 standard, along the way, at Elliott Bay Bicycles. Hopefully this wider saddle will take care of my saddle sore but, of course, I have to break it in. Let 9840 be the starting mileage for this saddles break-in.

    Also some mile knee pain in left knee. Took it REAL easy. Debating weather or not to actually take the bus to work tonight.

    Distance 27.09 miles
    Odo - 9859.7

    Update - Rode to work but I'm thinking about taking the next 2 days off. This means the bus.
    39 miles total for the day.

    Sam Status

    Just called Rivendell. Seems the Sam Hillborne's, in my size, won't be in until April sometime. Bummer but at least I'm not anxiously awaiting. Looks like it will be easy to get 10,000 miles on Musette now and I should be able to save up enough for the other parts that I really want to put on it.

    Saturday, March 06, 2010


    The ride of the day was probably the most beautiful, scenic route in Seattle. Waterfront, Magnolia, Discovery Park, Magnolia Bluffs, Alki.

    Left knee seems a little tender. Maybe because of the increased mileage this week. Also ass is a little sore.

    Thursday, March 04, 2010

    STP (Seattle to Portland)

    It's been 2 years since I last put any serious thought into riding STP but I am again. In fact, I'm pretty committed. Five factors made me decide to go for it again.
    1. My bike is set up in a more comfortable riding position/proper fit and my new frame which should be here this month should fit even better.
    2. I know how much my knee can take, I know to spin more and power less.
    3. I discovered my IT bands are tight but I'm correcting the issue with a foam roller and stretches. This could have also been part of the issue with my knee.
    4. My training focus will be more on mileage and less on performance thus reducing the risk of injury.
    5. I'm a better rider.
    I downloaded a training guide line of how many miles you should be riding each week from the STP website. For the week of February 15-22 I was supposed to ride 53 miles including two 10 mile rides and Chilly Hilly. Between commuting to work, errands and Chilly Hilly I rode 107.
    This week, Feb 23-28 I'm supposed to ride 80 (one 20 and two 30's). I've been working a lot so I took a long way home, today, to make a 19 mile ride. I'm going to try to get in a couple 30's or a 40 on the weekend.

    Sunday, February 28, 2010

    Chilly Hilly 2010

    2675 feet of climb.
    Time - 2:17:53
    Av - 14.1 mph
    Miles - 32.63
    Max 42 mph
    Total miles from house - 43.85
    Odo - 9737.6

    Route -

    Rode the whole thing by myself. Tim had to work late the night before and couldn't make it. I met one of Christine's old co-workers and his crew there but the first thing they did was have a prayer then he said he was going to stop at his mom's house along the way. Ditched 'em.

    Started drafting this team and stayed with them for 1/2 of the ride. Took a break at the 1/2 way point. Got about 4 bites into my baked potato and the team took off. So I spent the rest of the ride hauling ass trying to catch up with them. I only caught one of them but I finished 36 minutes faster then 2 years ago.

    I got a lot of great comments on my bag and Musette. This maybe her last "club" ride.

    Thursday, February 25, 2010

    16.5 miles round trip to my allergy doctor and back.

    1488 feet of elevation gain.

    Odo - 9681

    Saturday, February 20, 2010

    Tuesday, February 09, 2010

    Wednesday, February 03, 2010

    Slightly different route home

    Did a little twist on my route home today. When I got to the top of Yancy instead of turning on busy Avalon I kept going straight up Andover all the way past California to 44th. Very steep, topping out at 434 feet but nice quiet streets.

    Friday, January 29, 2010

    ROTD (Ride of the Day)

    Today's ride, done with the heartrate monitor for comparison to yesterdays. From home, to Jacobsen, Alki, California, back home.
    • 417 feet of elevation gain
    • 8.41 miles
    • Max 29 mph
    • Time 49:24
    • Average 10.2 (leisurely ride)
    • Odo 9418.9
    • 442 calories, 55% from fat
    • Max heart rate 160, 86%
    • Average 107, 58%

    Thursday, January 28, 2010

    Ride of the day

    A friend, Ryan, is Tucson has been doing these daily rides on his carbon fiber excuse for a bike. His latest average was over 16mph. I looked at his route and created my own. Sort of similar. Here's the stats.

    The route - There was about 922 feet of elevation gain.

    From the heart rate monitor -
    • 1263 Calories burned, 30% from fat
    • Max heart rate, 173, 94% of max.
    • Average heart rate, 156, 84% of max.
    From the bike computer -
    • Time - 1:08:48
    • Average speed - 17.3 mph. Was 18.4 until I went up the hill.
    • Max. speed - 31 mph
    • Distance - 19.97 miles
    • Odo - 9410.5
    The temperature was about 50 F. There was no wind. Light overcast. I took all bags, lights and tool kits off Musette giving her a total weight of 32 pounds. I wore my 6 Tage jersey, tights, bike shorts, Under Armour and a thermal top. Felt good for the whole ride.

    Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    Ride of the day

    Today's ride around West Seattle with Tim -

    Max - 32.5 mph
    Time - 2:45:38
    Average - 9 mph
    Distance - 25.16 miles
    Odo - 9390.5
    Elevation Gain - 1768 feet

    Tuesday, January 26, 2010


    9360 miles now. Getting closer to 10,000. Still have until February/March.

    Monday, January 25, 2010

    Balloon Delivery

    I brought some balloons home from work for Christine. I'd been talking about doing this for years. This was a blast. People all the way were cheering and taking my photo. At about 7 miles per hour the balloons level out behind you. They have a lot of drag. The fastest I traveled was 16mph down the other side of the West Seattle Bridge. I would totally do this again.

    Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    Blog Hits

    Before I privatized my bike blog I was averaging 10-15 hits a day with just over 17200 hits total over the last few years. A little over 600 visits a month.

    Also, since I'm not necessarily posting information for other people I deleted many posts.

    Saturday, January 09, 2010


    I've been turning over the thought in my mind of changing the privacy settings on the blog so only people I choose may view it. Thus my blog will be more for family/friends and become more of a journal/log about my rides, etc. Many posts I will probably delete completely. Reasons for this? Well everyone in the world who stumbles across here doesn't need to know my business and I've come to the conclusion that this is never really going to be a that great a resource for cyclists. They could find the information elsewhere.