Monday, December 21, 2009

Northgate Ride

Ride to Northgate Mall to buy Christine a GPS for Christmas.

1559 feet of elevation gain.

29 miles.


Brakes and brake levers came for Brimstone today. I installed the friction shifters and brake levers on Musette to get a feel for them. The canti brakes will of course have to wait for the Sam Hillborne.

Bicycle Repair Man

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Bar end shifters from Velo Orange came yesterday. Rivendell also has them but they are charging $88 bucks as compared to Velo's $60.These are friction "silver" shifters from Diatech.

Friday, December 18, 2009


I ordered parts for the Hillborne yesterday. Cantilever brakes, brake levers & bar end shifters. A local bike shop mechanic says I can put up to 48mm tires on my current rims. I'm thinking 700 x 38. Not sure if I want some nobbies or smooth.

Also got word from Rivendell that the next shipment of Hillbornes will have double top tubes for my size, 60cm.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Green River Trail Closure
Elevation Graph is 1 way.

So, having the week off, I committed myself to making a 40 mile ride yesterday even though everything seemed to be against me. First it was raining but I knew it would be raining a lot more in the next few days. Then I got downstairs and forgot my helmet. No biggie. Back up stairs. The plan was West Seattle to the Green River Trail and then back up the Interurban Trail.

Lucky for me I only got a block away before I remembered my map. Not so lucky for me I was about 5 miles away when I realized I had no cell phone. Now this wouldn't have bothered me to much, in fact I wouldn't carry my cell phone with me nearly as often as I do if it wasn't for my wife. I almost quit the ride right then and there. Fortunately the Green River trail passes right by our credit union's main office and they have a courtesy phone. OK I can leave my wife a message and she'll know why I'm not returning any of her texts or calls.

Things started looking up. The rain stopped. I was able to shed a few layers of clothing. I made it though all the industrial zones and freeways and was now on the peaceful Green River. Just then, as I entered Southcenter, the trail was closed. Why is it closed? They used it to build a 3 foot wide sand bag wall in case the river floods. That was the last straw. My 40+ mile ride turned into barley 30.

I did get a few shots of a beaver. Something I never saw in the wild in Arizona.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I called up Rivendell and put down $300.00 to reserve a Sam Hillborne frameset today. Their next shipment is due in Feburary/March. I wonder if I can rack up 10,000 miles on Musette by then. She's got a little over 9000 now.