Monday, November 02, 2009

Delta Leonardo Da Vinci Wall Rack

Over Halloween weekend we re-arranged our living room. In the process we removed one of two bookshelves and wall mounted my two bikes with the Delta Leonardo Da Vinci Wall Rack. Leonardo Da Vinci wall rack is a kit from Delta, Leonardo being the actual hook the bike hangs from and Da Vinci being the lower wall mounted tray for the second tire. Both parts can be purchased separately or together for about $20. They're rated to hold bikes up to 40 pounds. I've heard they don't work well with fat mountain bike tires but they are great for my 700c. This whole process freed up a bunch of space in our tiny, 1 bedroom condo. The bikes sort of divide our living room from the entry way and at the same time don't. The energy in the whole room is better although the photo doesn't do it justice.


Rory said...

I find it easier to hang the bike from the rear wheel, since it's less likely to move around during hanging.

Brian P. said...

Yea Rory I also find it easier but it took me a few weeks to realize it first. I now hang both bikes by the back wheel.