Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chain Wear

I picked up a chain wear indicator from Park Tool today for 10 bucks. As you may know replacing your chain before it gets to worn will add miles to the life of your gears. Cassette's and Chain ring's cost quite a bit more money. I can pick up a chain for $20. The tool is easy and takes seconds to use.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Spoke Replacement

I replaced the front wheel, on Musette, a while back (Musette's Front Wheel). Today I replaced the broken spoke in the old wheel. As I stated before I've deemed it not strong enough for me while braking hard downhill but if something disastrous happened to the front wheels on my bikes this one could come in handy as a spare. (Provided nothing disastrous happened to me at the same time.)

Now as I recall the old wheel was so out of true when that spoke broke that I could hardly ride the bike. It kept rubbing on the fork like a brake. When I replaced this 55 cent spoke and tightened it up the wheel came right back into true. Almost perfect on both the lateral and radial. And this with no truing stand. It was easy. I could do this on the road. I'm probably going to invest in a few spokes as spares and keep them in my bags. I know I could definitely fix and true up a wheel enough to get me home from somewhere.

Interesting note both spokes that broke on that wheel are almost right next to each other.