Saturday, August 15, 2009

West Seattle, Vashon, Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Southworth

Friday the 14th we I did another hilly one. This time I rode down to the Fauntleroy ferry in West Seattle, where I met up with Tim again. From there we took the ferry to Vashon Island and rode straight across to the Tahlequah - Point Defiance ferry. This ferry, the Rhododendron, is one of my favorite ferries of Washington because of it's querky little size.

Once in Point Defiance we rode through a small part of Tacoma and across the Tacoma narrows bridge. The newly built bridge, next to Gertie, has a wide lane for bikes and pedestrians.

From here we wound our way up through Gig Harbor to Chantal's house. Chantal, our friend and co-worker drove us into downtown Gig Harbor. A place we would soon discover we would be riding through. It's a small town with some charm left in it, for a few more years anyway. Best buys, fashion clothing, and Barnes & Nobles are moving in fast. By the water, I probably refueled the 3000 calories I would burn off today on a BBQ burger and sweet potato fries.

After lunch we played with the kitty's for a while, said goodbye and started our way North to Southworth. This was likely the best part of the ride for me. Once we climbed a few hills we had a beautiful forested, country ride on the Crescent Valley Drive with little traffic and smooooooth roads. A long beautiful downhill followed this. Of course then came the hill from hell (11% grade) in Olalla. We took a short rest near the top of this hill where we could see West Vashon and the ride we did just last week. Likely the same area where I ate all those blackberries. I was proud of the hills we conquered. My knees, a few days, later are not.

After a few more hills we were racing down Banner Road. Banner to Sedgwick. Sedgwick to the Southworth ferry and a sweet boat ride home.

See the route -

Total elevation gain 3900 feet.

3313 Calories
45% from fat
Max heart rate - 174
Average Heart rate - 133

Max speed - 44 mph
Time - ??? 3 - 4 hours?
Average speed - 12 mph
Distance - 46.02 miles
Odo - 8378.1

Friday, August 07, 2009

Vashon/Maury Island's

I was getting a little bored with the Alki beach/Burke Gilman rides and looking for something new so Tim and I took a ferry over to Vashon Island for a leisurely ride through rural farmland, forest and beaches. One nice benefit of this is the short (about 2 miles) ride from my house to the ferry. The original plan was a pretty straight shot across Vashon, over a small isthmus to Maury Island, out to the Point Robinson light house and back but we felt so good we rode over to the Westside highway during the ride back.

First image is the elevation profile. We climbed several times from sea level to about 300-400 feet totaling about 3500 feet of elevation gain. Of course this made for frequent downhills. YEA! Second is of the Point Robinson Lighthouse. Third is Tim just before a short unpaved area and right after climbing probably one of the most steepest hills I've ever done.

We didn't bring much in the way of food. I had a little tiny Cliff bar and we ate donuts on the ferry over so at some point along the West Side Highway an incredible hunger came over me. Unfortunately this is the side of the island where there is no grocery or cafes. Fortunately nature provided miles and miles of ripe blackberries of which I ate about a pint or more.

You can see more photos of our ride here -

The total mileage for the ride, including the ride to and from the ferry was 38.34. Maximum speed was 41.0 mph. Average speed was 10.2 mph.