Monday, June 22, 2009

New time riding to work as of Thursday 18th -
  • Time - 20:44
  • Average Speed - 16.2 mph
  • Top Speed - 34 mph
  • Distance - 5.61
  • Odo - 7916.2

This time I set out, from the time I left home, with the intent on beating that unattainable previous record. I did so by 2 fraking seconds. I believe with a strong tailwind or no traffic I could smoke this one too. I hit a lot of stoplights. It seems like if I can ride home in 23 minutes I should be able to blow this one away. Traffic and the long slight climb of 1st Ave must be what's getting me. If I could beat 1st Ave I could beat the time.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I blew away my old record time riding home from work.
  • 5.68 miles
  • Max speed of 24 mph
  • Time - 23:27
  • Average speed 14.4 mph
  • Odometer - 7851.5 mile

I had a slight tail wind down Marginal Way which became a slight headwind along Spokanne. It was blowing from the West/NorthWest. I powered it up the lower West Seattle bridge and stayed in the middle chain ring up Yancy. Rolling up Avalon I stayed in the 10-11 mph range instead of my usual 7-9.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Seattle to Woodinville ride.

Yesterday, bunch of friends and I did a ride from Seattle to the Red Hook Brewery in Woodinville. Here is the route I took - The elevation profile is for a 1 way trip then the whole thing was done in reverse. I started from home, in West Seattle, went over the West Seattle Bridge, up the waterfront, right between Queen Anne & Magnolia, across the Ballard Bridge to the Burke-Gilman trail. There I met up with two friends and we continued on to Gas Works Park where we picked up two more. The last person in our group met us in the U-District. We continued on Burke-Gilman to the Sammamish river trail which took us to Red Hook Brewery.

At Red Hook we did a real nice tour of the brewery and ate lunch. Good food, good beer. Try the Redhook BBQ burger. Yum. The return trip was basically the same route in reverse. I took it real easy the last few miles and my knees feel pretty good. Here is what my bike computer read at the end -
  • Odo 7811.3 miles
  • Ride time 5:32
  • Average speed 11.3
  • Distance 63.02 miles
  • Max speed 28.5
And here is what my Heart Rate Monitor read -
  • About 3050 calories burned, 55% from fat
  • Max heart rate 172 bpm or 93%
  • Average heart rate 119 bpm or 64%
It was a good time. I don't ride much out of West Seattle & downtown and it is a shame because it is so beautiful here in the summer.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Drive Train Wear - Part IV

This is part of a continuing series on, you guessed, it the drive train which I've posted about here, here and here.

I've been noticing that little clicking sound of the worn gears and "stretched" chain that I first heard in 2007, 3400 miles ago. I also had a few skips again. With the biggest ride I've done in years happening tomorrow I decided today was the day to replace everything. As posted before I had everything I needed except for a few chain rings. The chain rings were a lot more then I expected. One was about $45 and the other about $20. Last time I only needed to replace the middle so doing it myself I saved about $40 and gained a feeling of accomplishment.

There is good instruction on how to do the procedure here - Park Tool Website. It was interesting when I laid the two chain's out, side by side, and pulled on the old one it was at least 2 links longer.

I gained a wider range in gears as the rear cassette is a 12-28 instead of a 13-28 and the lowest chain ring is now a 28 instead of a 30. I should be able to go slightly faster and have a easier time up the hills.

See update post on Chain Sizing.