Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When I woke up there was a light dusting of snow on our balcony and the roof next door. My commute to work was slightly slowed down by superfine mist of snow/ice. I watched it hitting my glove at a stoplight and it was almost like grains of sand. It stung my eyes if I rode to fast. I'm constantly amazed by all the different forms of precipitation.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hmmmmmm, not much going on in my little bike world. I just put 7000 miles on Musette. Sometime in late December I rode to work in the snow. That was an adventure. Snow's not to bad. Ice is bad. I did a lot of fish tailing. No falls though. I did see a guy with a mountain bike, fat tires, and he was having little or no problems at all.

Yep. Still one car in our family. Still riding to work every day. The same people still ask me if I rode to work today. The same people are still shocked when I say I did. "Oh so cold!" "Ahhh, it's raining out. How can you do it?" Look, it's just water. We bath in it every day and the only problem with the cold is when I ride hard/breathe hard. Then it burns my wind pipe. Seems odd, cold air burning your throat.

Hey they finally repaired all the burned out street lights I reported.