Monday, October 27, 2008

Streetlight Trouble Report Form

A while ago, you may remember, I went on my pot hole campaign. Well, as it turns out, Seattle also has a web page where you can report problems with streetlights.
I actually learned of this a while ago but didn't really take advantage until tonight. I got off work a little early, wasn't to tired, so with pad and pencil in hand I wrote down and reported the numbers of 19 streetlights that are burned out on my commute home. All of these in West Seattle spanning maybe a 2 mile route.

Yes, having your neighborhood infected with cyclists can have it's advantages.

Odo - 6672.4

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Drive Train Wear - Part III

As I posted before, my drive train is wearing out a second time. The first time I had a bike mechanic replace it which cost me $136.00 parts and labor. After pulling everything off the frame (with a few exceptions for which I didn't have the correct tools), for the paint job and reassembling afterwards I feel confident I can do this on my own.
I picked up a Shimano 12-28 7-speed cassette to replace the 13-28 I have now for $35.00 and a SRAM chain for $18.00. There were a few specialty tools I needed. I got a Park Hyperglide lockring tool for $6.00 and a Park Chainwhip that was $19.00 but, looking at my receipt, they mischarged me for so it was only $14.00. This brings my total to $73.00 so I've saved $63.00 so far. All I'll need to purchase are the worn chain ring/rings and the next time I won't need to buy the tools. Plus I get the pleasure of doing it myself.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Musette's Modification - Part VII

Ahhhh the Pièce de résistance came via UPS today. My Brooks B-17N Saddle. After a few adjustments to the tilt of the saddle it felt just fine. These saddles are supposed to break in after a few hundred miles so I guess it will be feeling GREAT in no time.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Musette's Modification - Part VI

Over the last few days I reinstalled all the rest of the components, fenders and rear rack, with the exception of the saddle as I'm awaiting the Brooks. My hands pretty much smelled like Phil Wood grease during this whole time period.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Musette's Modification - Part V

As promised the new stem/handlebar wrap job post. (Not that anyone is really reading this anyway but . . . )

It was a sunny afternoon and hot for Autumn as the project began. Sustenance consisted of Birra Moretti and PBJ's. My companion for moral support, Capella Cat. I had all my tools and supplies. Let's begin.
First I had to strip off all that shellac covered handlebar tape. Bye bye, you were good to me. The only way to get the bars through the new stem was to do this. Actually there are other ways but it's not in the grand scheme of things for Musette. Turned out to be quite easy, peeled right off.
Next was removal of the integrated brake/shifters. The brake and shifter cables had to be disconnected and pulled through their housings. I'm replacing the cables and housings because they won't be long enough for the new taller stem. Actually the rear cables, being longer, will be used up front. There is one image showing where the brake cable pulls out of the hood and the next two show where the shifter cable comes out. You may need to shift down to a certain gear to get to the shifter cable. All of this was a learning experience for me. Until now, I had really no idea how these cables came out. By the way this is for a Shimano Sora, 3 speed front, 7 speed rear.
The next image shows us that by pulling the front of the hood you can access an allen bolt to remove the whole assemble from the bars.
The last two images show the new leather bar tape. I went to a leather supply store and picked up two long belt blanks of alternating colors. Then split them in two, lengthwise, and wrapped/braided them around the bars. The bars will be re-mounted on the bike after the paint job is finished and dried.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Musette's Modification - Part IV

Did some light sanding and sprayed the clear coat today. Cleaned some more parts and ordered a Brooks B-17 N (narrow) from Wallingford Bicycle Parts out of New Orleans. That is all.