Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Musette's Modification Part - III

Today Musette got the color coat. The first image is the first coat, the second is about 8 hours after painting. The second image doesn't do it much justice. The actual color is a little lighter, somewhere between the two pictures. Tomorrow she gets a clear coat.

We also came into a little bit of unexpected money so tomorrow I get a Brooks Saddle. I'm looking at a Swift w/chrome rails in brown. The Swift is comparable in size to saddles I like to ride on but we'll see. I might end up with a B-17 or a B-17 Narrow. This is going to look great with the new paint and the leather wrap on the bars.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Musette's Modification Part - II

I stripped everything I could off the bike last night. This morning I bungeed the frame to my backpack, hopped on Chromie, and headed to the bike shop to have the rest removed. Then I started about 3 hours of paint removal using a noxious chemical paint remover (most likely terrible for the environment) and a wire brush. Here is the beginning of the process with the chemical just starting to work.

Next picture is the frame completely stripped.

And finally the primer coat. (A lovely spray paint also bad for the environment, I'm sure.) That's it for painting today. In the mean time I've been cleaning all the parts that I took off.

Drive Train Wear Part II

Back in June of 2007 I did a post about how I wore out my drive train. While I was at my mechanics, Friday, I had them check my chain for wear. "Too late to replace the chain." they said. My cassette and chain ring/rings are already to worn. If they put a new chain on top of the worn gears it will skip real bad. They told me to wait until wears out (the whole drive train) and we'll replace the whole thing again. Bummer. It's been 2000 miles since then.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Musette is getting a face lift.

Yeah that's right, Musette, my main bike of 5 years is having some cosmetic surgery done. The bike is really too small for me. I had a bike fit done and purchased a new stem to raise the handlebars, thus relieving some shoulder pain. Well, I guess that's how this all started. I have to remove the shellac and cloth handlebar tape to get the bars into the new stem. That got me thinking I want to go with leather over the bars which I plan to match up with a Brooks saddle (my saddle is getting pretty ratty) and some leather panniers that I plan to make myself. Then I got to thinking I wanted to paint the bike, so there it is. I did the handlebar/stem job Friday and will do another post about that soon. Today I stripped all I could of the frame. Tomorrow I'll take it down to Aaron's and have them remove the bottom bracket and fork. Then the painting begins . . .

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