Saturday, August 09, 2008

Critical Mass - July 2008 - Seattle

Well I can say I've been on a few Critical Mass rides and have truly enjoyed them but from the first one I was on I saw the potential for this sort of incident to happen - As posted in the Stranger. There are two different points of view, of course, depending on who's side of the story you listen to and what news agency you read/hear from but the whole thing just shouldn't have happened. Drivers could easily sit back for the whole 60 seconds or so and let the 'Mass' ride by, and most do. A lot of people I've seen actually enjoy watching the event pass. But the fact remains that the drivers aren't the one's breaking the law here. As I see it now Critical Mass isn't really benefiting cyclists. It's making more drivers angry with cyclists and not helping to promote our rights. Although some cyclists would disagree, we are not at war with automobile drivers here. The Auto is here to stay. When the oil runs out they will find something else to propel them with. I want drivers to see our side and share the road with us, possibly join us/become one of us someday, not become more angry and spiteful of cyclists. What we need is understanding better infrastructure. Personally I like what this San Francisco resident is doing - Critical Manners.