Monday, January 14, 2008

Report a pothole. (Evil Streets of Seattle II)

I came across the "Report a pothole" (Street Maintenance Request Form) page on website a few days ago. This page has a form that you can fill out to report a pothole in the city streets that needs repair. You can also report street signs and damaged sidewalks. The page claims, "Our goal is to repair potholes within 48 hours (two business days) of receiving a report. Currently our success rate is 91%." Well I gave it a shot and reported the pothole that bent my bicycle rim. I had no faith in the system and figured it would be weeks before they got to it. After all Seattle streets are terrible. There are potholes everywhere. Then, the next day, just 14 hours later, I shocked and surprised, as I rode to work to see the pothole had been filled! I know of 2 other serious holes on my commute to work and I reported them too. We'll see if they get the same quick response.

Odo - 5580.4