Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tucson On Two Wheels

I think Tucson has something really good going on here. Tuesday Night Community Bike Ride. It's like making the point of Critical Mass without breaking the law. See the article in Tucson Weekly -

Monday, November 05, 2007

Removing the Decals

I removed some of the decals form my Bianchi Pista today. I'm not ashamed to ride a Bianchi but that was just too much. I'd seen pictures of Pista's before with this done and they looked really nice so I did a little search and followed the directions I found on this bike forum. Only instead of using Jasco's sealer and adhesive remover I used Jasco's paint and varnish remover. It just seemed right. The decals are laying under a clear coat. The product worked great. (Watch Jasco's stock go up as thousands of hipsters with Bianchi Pista's rush out and buy it.) At first I let it sit for about 5 minutes, as per the directions, but it dried out and was hard to remove. So I ended up globbing on coat after coat until the decals and the clear coat just turned into a big gray goopy mass which I then wiped off with a cloth. I didn't do the whole bike but on each tube that I worked on, I did the whole tube so there was no definite line where the clear coat started. I then rinsed the bike with water, dried, and cleaned up with Brasso. Some of the decals I left on. Once again, I'm not ashamed it's a Bianchi and I left the "Pista" decal as Pista means track and that's just plain cool. I'm not sure if I will re-clear coat or not. It's my fair weather bike so it should never really see any rust and the chrome looks so much brighter without the clear coat. Little update on the clear coat - A guy at my bike shop says a little automobile polish should do just fine in keeping the pits out.