Thursday, August 02, 2007

Train Derailment

As I was riding to work the other day I noticed some utility trucks up ahead. As I got closer I noticed the derailed freight train next to me. There are about 4 lanes of track side by side used heavily in our ship to rail seaport area. I asked the one of the Seattle City Light workmen what had happened. (The train had taken out some power poles as well.) He told me that he wasn't quite sure but that they think someone may have switched one of the rail switches before the whole train made it passed. Someone really must have not been paying attention if that is the case. All the switches I've seen involve a large lever and a padlock. If someone was standing there throwing the switch they should have clearly been able to see that the whole train had not passed yet. Interestingly I cannot find anything on the internet about it. Perhaps there were no injuries and the fact that it's freight.