Friday, December 29, 2006

Car Washes

Odo - 3065.8

Ah yeah, I've had like a week off so I haven't been riding much. I know kind of backwards huh. My bike's just been sitting there looking at me. I noticed some rust on the chain and it was covered in mud. We don't have a hose here at our apartment so I took it to a local car wash and gave it a spray. I then cleaned the chain, let it dry and lubed it all up. The next day I rode out to Alki and noticed some strange noises coming from the rear hub. Great my hub is going out I thought. Cheap hub only lasts 3000 miles. I stopped by the Bike and Brew to see what they thought. Turns out the hub just needed to be re-greased. The high pressure washer I used at the car wash shot water inside the hub. It was like soup in there. So don't use high pressure washers on your bike.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

3000 miles

Od0 3010

I broke the 3000 mile mark on my bike during this morning's commute to work. This makes 1300 since the middle of July. Not much to some cyclists but a lot to me.