Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Golden Rooster

Under the West Seattle Bridge one can occasionally catch a glimpse of The Golden Rooster. Someone on the hill there must own this bird and it comes down from time to time to scratch and peck by the bike trail. Lately it hasn't looked as big and magestic as the first time I saw it when all of it's feathers appeared a golden yellow with flame red on the edges. But I've decided to think of it as good luck whenever I see it. New commute record travelling to work -
Distance - 7.04 miles
Maximum Speed - 31.5 mph
Time - 25:08
Average Speed 16.8 mph

Monday, September 25, 2006


Gah! Looks like I got my new fenders just in time for the rainy season here in Seattle. I picked them up at REI. I chose some Freddy Fenders by Planet Bike. I used to have a pair of SKS before I moved back to AZ but I like the shape of Planet Bikes better. Although I needed to do a little more work with zip ties and a little modification with Planet Bikes fenders over the SKS. Some of this will show in the pictures.

On top of it all I had the focus before leaving work to make this my fastest time riding home. The weather was beautiful with very little wind. Although I was sore from previous riding and tired from not enough sleep I rode with a determination and got my best time to date.

Distance - 7.09
Maximum Speed - 23.5 mph
Time - 28.53
Average Speed - 14.5

Monday, September 11, 2006

Cycle Computer

Well my Cat Eye cycle computer went kaput last night. The top 'mode' button broke. I was thinking about upgrading to one which tracked cadence and heart rate but I just couldn't justify forking our 180 bucks for all that so I just picked up the same model. It lasted 2135 miles so I figure it was worth the 33 bucks. Plus with the same model I didn't have to reattach all the wiring.
Commute home times today a record again -
  • Distance - 7.13 miles
  • Maximum Speed - 21.5 mph
  • Time - 29:37
  • Average Speed - 14.4 mph

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Brian's Evil Cycling Twin?

I left work tonight around 22:45. It is Sunday, there was very little traffic, and little to no wind. While I was still riding through downtown I passed some dude getting on his bike, about to take off. As I was cruising along the multi-use trail under the viaduct I looked over and there he was, in the street. Slowly passing me. Now when I'm riding to and from work and I see someone else on a bike I'm always up for a chase. If the person is slower then me, well victory is mine. If the person is faster then, often, I can get up behind them and draft, cutting my workload. So the multi-use trail ended and I cut out accross the street to the bike lane. It was fairly easy catching up with this guy and I figured I'd pass him. Then we started talking. Now this is where it gets weird. Weird isn't really the right word since he was cool and not a "weirdo." We both have Fuji Road bikes, with almost the same colors and lights. Although his was a single speed. We both bought our bikes at Recycled Cycles. We were both commuting home from work. To West Seattle. Both of us work at hotels. We both work in banquets. He grew up in Phoenix. I grew up in Tucson and lived in Phoenix. He moved up to Seattle about 7 years ago, which is about the same time we made our first move to Seattle. Biiiiiizarrrrroo. Which brings me to some new commute home records!
  • Distance - 7.12 miles
  • Max Speed - 23.5 mph
  • Time - 30:25
  • Average Speed - 14 mph

Thursday, September 07, 2006

New commute home record

Yeah, it must have been another week of rest off the bike because I really felt good going to and from work today. I almost beat my time to work and I set a new record coming home by 2 minutes. It was pretty much a dead calm again, both ways, and I wasn't really trying that hard.
  • Distance - 7.15 miles
  • Max Speed - 24 mph
  • Time - 31:28
  • Average Speed - 13.5