Monday, September 28, 2015

1,800 miles on the rear wheel. The wheel was still very true but I noticed a spoke looked pretty loose on the non drive side. Over all spoke tension was low. About 97 KGF on the drive side when it should be 110 to 120. Re-trued.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Blew away my commute time home from work today. I wasn't sure if I would even come close to the old time. I didn't even look at the time on the bike computer until I got home. Just hauled ass. Time was 34:40. A full minute and 41 seconds faster then my previous record.

Yesterday I decided I would push myself up outside of my comfort zone on my commutes and I came real close to the previous record so today I just gunned it. I had to slow down with some traffic down town and my legs are a little sore from P90X3 workouts so I should be able to beat this record too.

Time 34:40
Distance 8.83
Average 15.30
Max 25:80
Elevation climb 508 feet

Odo 17,448

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Training rides P90X3 and Rodriguez

Christine and I have been doing P90X3 workouts. We are in the third month. There's a lot of body weight leg work. Lunges, squats, etc. For the first month my legs felt slightly sore pretty much the entire time. Now they are feeling pretty good and I have noticed considerable power gains on the bike. Also I seem to be having less knee pain. I've even done a few short hikes with little problems.

I've also done several training rides in addition to my regular commutes. The 67 mile route of Flying Wheels Summer Century with 2600 feet of elevation gain -
A 30 mile loop of Mercer Island with Traci -
Iron Horse Trail with Eric and Traci. 45 miles and 3500 feet of gain -
A 35 mile loop from my house down the Duwamish Trail and up this side of Lake Washington. -
A 55 mile ride with 5500 feet of gain from Glacier to Artist Point. Second time I did this. Got to see the view this time because it was a clear day -
And a loop of lower Lake Washington with Traci for 45 miles. -
I'm feeling really good. I'm feeling ready for Courage Classic and RSVP this year.

And the Rodriguez frame & fork are done. Now if I can just get enough money to build the rest of it up.

Monday, June 29, 2015

New Chain

We're at 17,139 miles. That last chain did not last to long. Only 1654 miles. Perhaps I should look at brand names and see if that makes a difference. This new one is a Shimano.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

New Rear Wheel Build 2015

So I built up the new wheel. I was somehow talked into buying a VO hub that was 4 times the price of the Shimano but Shimano apparently doesn't make silver mountain/touring bike hubs anymore. My bike has 135mm spacing in the rear and I wanted silver damn it. But the main reason I went with the VO hub is it uses very common replaceable cartridge bearings. In fact the nearly the entire hub is field serviceable without any tools. The middle picture is the new hub next to the old hub/wheel. 100 miles in and everything is running smooth.
For record keeping we'll start this wheel at odometer reading 16,674 miles.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Rodriguez & Wheels

Rode up to R & E Cycles in the U-district on Tuesday and put money down on a frame. Build time is estimated to be 6 to 8 weeks. The plan is to build a lighter weight travel bike. This idea arose after riding El Tour de Tucson and had been in the works for a while. The problem is I can't just build a bike. Or buy a bike. I have to build a frick'n kick ass bike. I want most of the parts to be made in the USA. So there ya go. The frame is being hand made right here in Seattle. The rims from Velocity in Florida. DiVinci Cranks. White Industries hubs and bottom bracket. Paul Components Brakes and possibly seat post. I'm getting S&S couplers put on so the frame can be broken down and put in a travel case. Also having them put on a "pump post" for a frame pump. The color will be a dark blue with a blue Brooks Saddle. Gold accents. Gold spoke nipples, cables, chain and possibly some of the bolts on the derailleurs & the jockey pulleys. Of course this is all shooting the price up through the roof so it will probably take me another year to finish it after the frame is done.

In the process they do a free bike fit and pointed out some things on my bike that could be adjusted. 1. the brake hoods are two far down the bars for an optimum riding position. I rotated the entire bar up a little and it is more comfortable. 2. the bars are two far forward. This I'm just going to have to suffer through for a while. I don't have the time or money to replace that stem right now. 3. The seat could be raised about 1 centimeter. I raised it maybe 1/2 a cm to give it a feel.

Also I've been having problems with the rear wheel. Just doesn't feel true, especially when I brake but I can't seem to fix it. I asked their mechanic if he could put it on the truing stand but it never even made it off the bike. He took a look at it and said, "I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your rim is about to explode" and then let some pressure out of my tire. Seems I've worn out another rim. He said I could reuse the old hub but when I took the wheel off my bike and spun it in my hand the hub felt all rumbly inside. I don't think I've ever repacked the bearings and that might just be all it needs but it's got 8500 miles on it so I'm going with a new hub.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

This last week I've noticed an old familiar rocking sensation coming from the bottom bracket like in 2013 STP. Put the bike up on the rack, pulled the crank, sure enough, the bottom bracket was just slightly loose. But can I just tighten it, no. You know me. As long as the crank is off let's completely remove the BB, clean it out, spray some frame saver up in the frame. Re-grease threads, reinstall. Set correct torque, clean the crank, inspect crank for cracks, inspect frame. Hey let's clean that part of the frame since we have the crank off. So love being my own bike mechanic.